Get Back Your Figure by Having a Mommy Makeover


A mother’s body goes through lots of changes as a result of pregnancy. Women who hope to regain their pre-motherhood figure will often be disappointed when all their efforts, which include a rigorous diet program together with the most rigorous exercise plan end up being unsuccessful. However at present there’s a cure for this problem – a mommy makeover procedure. The mommy makeover normally includes three surgical procedures carried out at the same time that include a tummy tuck, breast enhancement, and liposuction.

LiposuctionMommy Makeover - Liposuction

In order to sculpt the midsection and to accentuate the waistline liposuction can be used to take out fat tissue. A small tube is injected below the skin’s surface and moved around to loosen up fat cells. Suction is used through the tube to take excess fat from the body. These days the physician uses thinner tubing and smaller sized incisions to allow more accurate sculpting of the body.

Breast Enhancement

A loss of breast tissue or sagging breasts can occur due to nursing an infant. This is owing to normal hormonal changes that happen after giving birth. A breast enlargement or a breast lift will restore a new mother’s breasts to their pre-motherhood contour and size.

Mothers can choose between silicone or saline implants. Women who like a natural look might do better to select silicone implants. A breast augmentation operation is an option for mothers who would like bigger and more voluminous breasts. Placement can be done via an incision around the nipple, under the arm, or in the breast crease. Placement of breast implants by way of the armpit may not be doable if the breasts are sagging since the doctor needs better access to adjust the tissues.

When a mom wants her breasts to set higher on her chest, but is otherwise content with the size of her breasts, then the breast lift is the most suitable choice. In some circumstances, a patient’s appearance might be improved upon through removal of excess tissue. The breast enhancement procedure always leaves a scar, a reality the mother should be informed of up front. The placement location and the specified treatment will determine the size of the scar. Following the breast lift operation, the woman may expect to see a scar stretching from the nipple area to the crease of the breast. In some instances, it may also proceed along the crease also.

The Tummy Tuck

The doctor carries out a tummy tuck by creating a small incision around the pubic bone and tightening the muscles in the midsection. Before the removing of drooping skin, the physician may opt to use liposuction to take off excess deposits of fat. The level of muscle and skin laxity can vary, calling for various kinds of methods to be employed. The nature of the treatment determines the magnitude of the resulting scar. When a mommy has a scar left by an incision created during a Cesarean section, the cosmetic surgeon is able to remove it during the tummy tuck. Then there will be just one scar as opposed to two.

For reshaping the mother’s body contemporary surgical procedures, are excellent. Upon undergoing the procedure, moms may use various other treatments to improve their appearance and quality of their skin. There are certain prescription products designed to help firm up sagging skin. Stretchmarks occur when the skin expands faster than normal. A doctor can perform a laser procedure referred to as resurfacing that can decrease stretch marks or can even eradicate them entirely.


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